The dilemma of most in the choice of a Dj is its cost.

The real dilemma should be the quality of its services.

In the Greek market, there are thousands of people now involved with music as a part-time job and call themselves Djs. The basic thing that is missing from the Greek market and a few Dj’s really have is the experties.

This is the main thing that will make the difference in your event.

The price differences between them are too large for the same seemingly services.

Why these large differences and ultimately is it worth to pay more for the services of a Dj?

Before you decide to hire the «cheap Dj» you should consider the following factors:


An experienced Dj will listen to you, guide you and help you for making the right music program.

Also consider that at your event will be a diverse audience with ages 20 to 70 years old. To make everyone have a nice time the dj must be fluent in all kinds of music.


One of the most important elements that will surely make a difference in your event.

The very simple question that you can make the «cheap Dj» is «how many weddings you book in a year».

A similar question you can do for any other type of event you want to do.

Also keep in mind that a wedding Dj has nothing to do with a Dj playing music in bars as good as he may be.


The professionalism of a Dj is summarized on the following elements:

A thorough knowledge of the subject, SPECIALIZATION, consistency, courtesy, presentable appearance, cooperativeness, flexibility and understanding of customer needs.

Sound Equipment

The success of your event depends on two very basic factors. The best Dj you can find and the best sound installation that you could have.

So justified and price differences.

The one Dj’s equipment with a total cost of 300 euros and his personal computer, he could not ask for more than 150 euros.

The other Dj’s investment in sound equipment is more than 20.000 euros, with lighting equipment of equivalent value, with backup prediction, surely justifies the price difference.


Imagine a distant Dj playing what he wants without paying any attention to the needs of his audience and your own desires.


If the «cheap Dj» you want to select does not have a legal company simply forget it. No venue will accept him, because the fine if checked is 10,500 euros and of course your wedding is terminated immediately.

Will you take that risk?


The «cheap Dj» will surely go where he will find the higher price for his services, «regardless» the fact that he has already booked another job at the same date.

He is not risking the reputation of his company which he hasn’t.

Of course I am not talking about backup system or professional behavior and timetables agreed. So we talk about two parameters.

Reliability of the Dj and reliability of the equipment that he uses.


P.S. The question that should concern you most of all is this:
Do you trust your unique and most important day of your life in a Dj only because he is «cheap»?