List of tips

  1. Yes to list of favorite songs, but don’t overdo it. Your lists are indicative, with favorite songs and artists that will give the point of your personal preferences. Leave the rest to the dj.
  2. Do not load with stress the Dj, repeating at every opportunity the importance of the night for you, the fact that everyone should dance, the general success of the reception etc.. Pursuit of success is common and obvious to the right professional.
  3. Arrange the final details of the wedding two days before the wedding. One day before the wedding relax, away from all the tension of the previous days. It is certain that in this way you will enjoy more, the most important day of your life.
  4. Be careful with alcohol. It is a day that you would like to remember clear for the rest of your life, so don’t overdo it with alcohol.
  5. The wedding dress with a long tail is impressive for you and your guests, but it is inconvenient for the hour of dance. So, make sure to have ready an alternative when the time of dance comes, so you can dance without any worries.
  6. You should wear your new Wedding shoes at least once before the big day. There is nothing worse than to be uncomfortable with your shoes and do not enjoy the dance. Alternatively you can have a second pair.
  7. Give importance and value to your guests. For sure this is your day, but what value would it has, if you don’t share it with your most loved people? Pay attention to their musical preferences (you want the widest possible participation in dance). Thank them for the honour of their presence, with a short speech (especially those who made the longest distance to be there).
  8. Create stunning atmosphere using the latest lighting show technology. Build the «light show» that suits you, impressing everyone. Through infinite possibilities give an elegant style and take your marriage to the next level.
  9. Accept the fact that you can not please everyone. Surely there will be some unhappy guests with your choices, as long as they are the exception.
  10. Leave yourself in the hands of the experts. Your make a wedding once in your life, they make a wedding each week. More important is the selection of the best professionals, rather than the guidance of them.

…and with these tips, they lived happily ever after
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